Aldora Capital Partners

Business Financing and Startup Capital

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Why work with Aldora?

Even the best of plans often require a little financing to take flight. In a credit driven society, it can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to find a financing package that works for you or your business --whether you can't find a package you qualify for or can't decide which package will bring you the most value, Aldora Capital is committed to helping you find the financing package that will make your dreams take flight.

Who are we?

Based in the United States, we have a commitment to preserving the financial freedom of American people and businesses. We do a few different things but the main things we do are: Direct business receivable purchases and we also specialize in selecting packages that are tailored to realistically fit the needs of borrowers.

What do we do?

Direct micro-financing

This product tends to take a little more time for approval but we can fund people that no one else would be willing to take the time to look at and provide amazing rates while doing that too. We do this in a few ways:

Small business financing

This is a specialty. Packages range all the way up to 5,000,000 and can be based on cash flow instead of credit history or collateral. Approval in as little as two days!


We love SBA loans and have a number of resources to help guide you through the process.


Part of the freedom we offer to our clients is the freedom to choose between collateralized or uncollateralized options.